How do we launch a product?

Introducing a product, the Demo way is not limited to launching itself. It involves a few stages of brand existence – from its introduction to the market, through its growth phase, until reaching full maturity. When there is concern about the stability of a mature brand it is necessary to correct by repositioning / relaunching so that the brand gains new strength.wykres2-(1)
Introducing a brand and looking after it during its growth and maturity – are areas in which operate Demo products: Launching & Relaunching.

Launching a brand

You already have the product, but want to transform it into a strong brand?

Many Clients contact us when, they already have a developed product but want to reshape it into a strong brand. In these cases our task is to create the brand strategy, work out communication strategy as well as develope launching campaign based on effective creative concepts and precise communication channels.

We carried out successful launching campaigns for numerous brands.

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Brand relaunching

You already have a branded product - but you want to improve it, to make it more profitable?

You have an impression that there is „something wrong” with your brand? It  does not achieve the same success in the market as it used to? Sales disappoint your expectations? You feel consumers flow around? Probably your brand needs repositioning and relaunching to give it new power. This is our domain. We will take on this Great Maneuver. The strategy department will look for answers to the question of what market advantages should to be assigned to the brand to make it successfully reenter the market and where there is potential for its further growth. Rebranding will give it new visual identity. Precisely planned relaunching campaign will establish the new brand image and positioning in consumers minds.

We carried out repositioning and relaunching of tens of brands, ensuring for them a position at the forefront.

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