Tetra Pak

Effective cooperation with a global giant
Dozen brands launched
Fruitful global-local relations
scope of work:
- corporate strategy,
- communication strategy
- branding and naming
- creative works: packages, ATL, BTL, POS, , sales support, events

Product concept, branding and communication activities on our part and project support from the packaging manufacturer.
Tetra Pak – world leader in the production of food packaging started this co-operation with us in the mid 90s. This is how on the Polish and foreign (Ukrainian) market successfully debuted dozen brands – such as Białe milk, Karotka juice, Białe Wapń milk, Hej! milk, Ale! milk, Zambrowskie milk in Poland and  Burionka milk and Na Zdrowie at our eastern neighbors. Effect? Just have a look at the shelves at the supermarket. Our products have been there for years and are there to stay!

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