Fi Estate

To build first brand of well-balanced real estate
Sales Deparment force to double its staff
Well-balanced messed the balance of real estate market
scope of work:
- product concept,
- brand strategy and communication strategy,
- branding, naming,
- creative works: outdoor, interactive, print, BTL

We localized the target group – the ones with a strong need of well-balance life. They desired suitable places to live. This category needed filling and branding. We invented a brand – right from the scratch. Fi –  the Far East symbol of spiritual balance and harmony with the whole universe. From this sign we derived everything else. Name. Logotype. Colour code. Choice of building materials. Type of architectural design. The tonality of marketing communication. The way to activate well-balance followers  – our future clients. Then we launched the campaign. The effects? Investor was forced to double sales department staff to manage the orders.

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