Eastern Poland

To shock the biggest investors in the world!
America's ad industry blockbuster
The origin of the great debate
scope of work:
brand strategy and communication strategy,
creative concept - TV, press, outdoor, internet

Eastern Poland – the five provinces of the huge investment potential. Target group – big foreign investors. The main markets – the European Union, the USA, Russia, China, Korea, India and the Persian Gulf countries.

We had to say about the region differently from how everyone else does. We had to delete the standard in such communications. We reached potential investors directly. Personally. Privately. So that they began to think about Eastern Poland in terms of business opportunity. Opportunity – impossible to miss. The “must have” – you would be ashamed to admit to have lost it – even when talking to your kid.

This way we developed the first ever Poland-related campaign created by Polish agency, which was noticed and appreciated by the leading American media, ad and economic magazines and websites. The campaign that made the world investors and economy experts really moved and which led them to a global discussion.

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