To stop what is about to get high!
market leader within 3 months
problem pictured like never before
scope of work:
- brand of producer strategy and portfolio strategy,
- branding, communication strategy, comprehensive advertising campaign assumptions,
- creative works - television spots, print (trade and end user), outdoor, interactive, BTL,
- sales enforcing activities, events

Against all ods! Rejecting compromises! Breaking market category cliches. High-cholesterol is a problem. Big problem. We didn’t just say it. We did cry it out – along with the Client. It was our battle cry! Thus we made our way to the customers. Thus we torpedod the market with new  brand. Pushing it to place number one. From zero. From developing producer’s strategy and branding – through building portfolio and packing it all over with fiery creative solutions – executed in a large-scale ad campaign. We assisted the Client with every single step – from the cradle until the store shelf.

Now you do the same with us!