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We have 38 million Polish consumers in store for you
– fresh blood for your company, your products, your businesses.
If you feel that you have the potential to conquer the Polish market
– you are in the right place!
We will guide you through all the stages of building and strengthening
 your market force in Poland!
We will help you achieve your business goals in our country.



We are a Polish marketing company, a team of specialists with huge experience of 29 years with a proven track record of more than 120 Polish and foreign brands, within almost all the categories,
which we have launched or repositioned with sustainable success.

Our offer covers all levels of marketing services from analysis and research resulting in Product Concept through implementation, branding, distribution & sale support and communication activities.

Choose what fits your needs best within our unique Demo Product System!

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Your first step towards a strong brand!

Learn about our unique method of creating innovative products!


They trusted us

Thanks to our Clients – we have expanded our expertise and learned new markets. We developed new practices and accumulated a rich portfolio. We increased turnover and made stock quotes of many companies gone up.


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